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Antec High Current Pro Platinum 1300 W Review

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We would like to thank Antec for supplying the review sample.

The High Current Pro or HCP series has for quite some time now been Antec’s top-of-the-line PSU offering. The series only included two Platinum members with 850 W and 1000 W capacity; that is, until now. Antec has raised the wattage bar much higher by adding the HCP-1300 to the line. Now that most users use power-hungry VGAs for scryptocoin mining, such high capacity PSUs are in demand, which inevitably has relevant companies adding such offerings to their arsenal to boost sales. But miners not only care about capacity and reliability as another crucial factor is the PSU's efficiency because it will operate at high loads around the clock, which can even have a small difference in efficiency net a big difference on that electricity bill and consequent earnings. Yet the general rule is that the higher the capacity of a PSU, the more difficult it is to achieve such high efficiency levels because, as the P=IV = I^2 x R power equation shows, power losses also increase exponentially as the load increases.

Currently Antec’s top-of-the-line PSU with 1300 W capacity, Platinum efficiency, and four powerful +12V rails that can feed up to an equal number of high-end VGAs without breaking a sweat, we will take a look at the fresh HCP-1300. Antec speaks of up to 94% efficiency, which we are eager to verify with our equipment. This PSU is also backed by a seven year warranty. A very long time, it should satisfy the demanding user that will spend a significant amount on its purchase. And for those of you that want to run multiple VGA mining rings a single HCP-1300 just can't support on its own: You can utilize the OC Link feature to put two HCP-1300 units to work in tandem.

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