Antec HCP-750 High Current Pro 750 W Review 3

Antec HCP-750 High Current Pro 750 W Review

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We would like to thank Antec for supplying the review sample.

By many experts (and not only) relevant to the field Antec's HCP-1200 is considered one of the best PSUs available on the market nowadays. However the high-end High Current Pro series, although is mostly known for its flagship PSU has two more smaller members, HCP-850 and HCP-750. Strangely enough Antec decided not to include a 1000W model so there is a huge 350W gap between the first and the second HCP unit. In general all HCPs are 80 PLUS Gold certified, utilize a semi-modular cabling system and have multiple +12V rails and not a single one like Corsair's AX series PSUs. On top of that, Antec states that in order to minimize resistance they are equipped with 16 AWG wires (however in HCP-750 only the main ATX and the hardwired EPS connectors use 16 AWG wires).

In today's review we will take a detailed look at the HCP-750. This unit features four +12V rails and supports two EPS connectors (one hardwired and one modular) along with four 6+2 pin PCIe ones (two hardwired, two modulars), a sufficient number of connectors for its 750W. In an effort to ensure optimal conductivity Antec equipped it with gold-plated high-current terminals, something that will help voltage regulation and power deliverance to the system components. Here we must note that contrary to the HCP-1200, HCP-750 along with HCP-850, are cooled by a 135 mm fan and their internal design is totally different from the latter.

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