Antec HCP-750 High Current Pro 750 W Review 3

Antec HCP-750 High Current Pro 750 W Review

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The word "high" is highlighted on the face of the package with huge yellow fonts. To some of you the front of the box may look like an AC/DC album cover. If instead of "high current" they used "high voltage" then we would expect at least a CD single to be included! On the remaining sides of the box, as usual, we find much more useful information about the features of the unit.


A plain cardboard box protects the PSU along with a nylon bag. Since we do not like void space we would like to see some packing foam here. The bundle definitely isn't worthy of the PSU's category and price. Except a nylon pouch that holds the modular cables and the necessary AC power cord you will only get one re-usable cable tie, a set of fixing bolts (not even thumbscrews) and a product overview sheet, a plain piece of paper folded in quarters. If you want to read the detailed user's manual then you have to download it from here.


The external quality of the PSU is magnificent. The unit features a really nice dark blue finish and all hardwired cables are fully sleeved back into the housing. Unfortunately the cables' exit hole is not equipped with a grommet however is large enough so the cables do not come in constant contact with the bare edges and even in case they do, the nylon sleeving offers adequate protection. Notice how small the cooling fan looks compared to the overall size of the PSU. With 180 mm depth it is one of the largest 750 W units.
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