Antec TruePower Classic Series 750 W Review 2

Antec TruePower Classic Series 750 W Review

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We would like to thank Antec for supplying the review sample.

The fresh Antec TruePower Classic series now consists of four members with capacities that range from 450-750 W. These units mostly address the budget-orientated user that doesn't mind dealing with native cables to save on cost but wants top performance, since none are modular and their other features can be called high-end. Non-modular PSUs are in our opinion a real pain during cable management, and their loose cables will hamper internal airflow if you don't tuck them away carefully, but such PSUs obviously don't suffer the voltage drops particular to modular connectors and don't cost as much as PSUs with modular cables.

We will take a thorough look at the TP-750C today. It, like all TP-C units, features Gold efficiency, has a five year warranty, and is equipped with a full set of protection features. Antec also says the unit to utilize two +12V rails with heavy-duty Japanese caps to ensure the TP-750C runs reliably, and does so for a very long time. Another thing that caught our attention while we were looking at its official product page was the mention of its PhaseWave design. An LLC converter in Gold- and Platinum-certified units of high caliber, it tells us that the platform utilizes an up-to-date design and is by Seasonic, and that it can definitely compete with other high-end designs. The TP-750's main compromise really is its non-modular design. We were also surprised to see six PCIe connectors. ANTEC had to remove the second EPS connector to do so, but hardly anyone actually needs two of these.

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