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Apexgaming AG-850M Review

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We would like to thank Apexgaming for supplying the review sample.

Solytech is a PSU manufacturer with many years of experience in the field; however, the company is not all that active in the high-end since it mostly participates in the lower-end budget categories. We haven't yet had a chance to review a modern Solytech unit and are curious to see how the new AG line, offered by Apexgaming, fares in comparison to competing offerings. Solytech recently released a new platform, and Apextechusa LLC used it in its Apexgaming brand. The AG line consists of six new PSUs with capacities ranging from 650W to 850W. Three of these are semi-modular, while the rest feature a fully modular cable design. All are 80 PLUS Gold certified, and the flagship of the line, the AG-850M, is also certified by Cybenetics as ETA-A- for its efficiency performance. The same unit, however, didn't receive a noise certification since it doesn't even meet the minimum requirements Cybenetics sets. As you can probably imagine, this is a very noisy PSU.

The Apexgaming AG-850M will be on our test bench today, and since it is the top member of the Apexgaming family, its performance will give us a great deal of insight on what to expect from other members of this family. The ten-year warranty Solytech provides for this platform is a good sign, but the sleeve bearing fan makes us wonder about whether this PSU will survive such a long warranty period without a fan failure since sleeve bearing fans have a shorter lifetime than double ball-bearing and fluid dynamic bearing fans. The lack of a semi-passive mode, which could take some stress off the fan, is another downside.
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