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Arctic Silver ArctiClean Review

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How many times have you tried to get a thermal pad off a heatsink base because you want to use your own thermal paste? How many times did you try to get residues from cleaning your cooler base off? Enter: Arctic Silver ArctiClean.

ArctiClean comes in two bottles, which both have to be used on a heatsink.
There is a 60ml Kit and a bigger 240ml Kit. After all testing there we did, there is about a third gone of our 60ml kit, unless you work in a heatsink base cleaning shop, 60ml should be fine for you.

ArctiClean 1: Thermal Material Remover

This is used to emulsify thermal pads and compounds, so that they can be easily removed. This is achieved using non-toxic biodegradable solvents which are based on citrus and soy.
If I think of "solvent" I think of bad fumes, toxic, do not use in enclosed areas and do not use near fire. Not ArctiClean- it's inflammable, non hazardous and has a citrus aroma.

ArctiClean 2: Thermal Surface Purifier

After all thermal material remains are removed using ArctiClean 1, you have to clean the surface of all residue using ArctiClean 2. ArctiClean 2 also contains corrosion inhibitors.
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