ASUS Mars II 3 GB Dual GTX 580 Review 114

ASUS Mars II 3 GB Dual GTX 580 Review

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First seen at Computex this year, ASUS today released their long awaited ASUS MARS II. The MARS II is the first dual GeForce GTX 580 card, and is part of ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand of premium products targeting the gamer-overclocker market. Please note that ASUS did not choose the "GeForce GTX 590" name, even though the ASUS MARS II is a dual-GPU design. Rather they went with calling it Dual GeForce GTX 580, which makes sense since the MARS II comes at the full GeForce GTX 580 clock speeds. instead of the reduced clocked of the GTX 590.

ASUS has also added another significant change to the MARS II: Unlike the GTX 590, the card does not use any power limiting system. While this means higher performance, it also means increased power and thermal requirements for the ASUS MARS II. To take care of this, ASUS has designed a 21 phase power circuitry which is almost twice as powerful as the 11 phases of the GTX 590. To take care of the heat the ASUS MARS II uses a triple slot Direct CU cooler with two fans.

In terms of pricing the limited edition ASUS MARS II is the most expensive single graphics card released so far. Prices are expected to be around $1499 online!

ASUS Mars II Market Segment Analysis
HD 6970
GTX 580
HD 6990
GTX 590
Shader Units15365122x 15362x 5122x 512
ROPs32482x 322x 482x 48
Graphics ProcessorCaymanGF1102x Cayman2x GF1102x GF110
Transistors2640M3000M2x 2640M2x 3000M2x 3000M
Memory Size2048 MB1536 MB2x 2048 MB2x 1536 MB2x 1536 MB
Memory Bus Width256 bit384 bit2x 256 bit2x 384 bit2x 384 bit
Core Clock880 MHz772 MHz830 MHz607 MHz781 MHz
Memory Clock1375 MHz1002 MHz1250 MHz855 MHz1002 MHz
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