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be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 1000W Review

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We would like to thank be quiet! for supplying the review sample.

be quiet! is a German company that, as its name implies, specializes in the design and manufacture of silent products. Its portfolio includes cooling products, cases, and power supplies. The company is very popular in Germany, and its executives have lately tried to establish be quiet! as a presence in the US as well even though it is a pretty tough market because of such competitors as Corsair and EVGA. Last year, the Dark Power Pro 11 line and its three high capacity PSUs were introduced. These units replaced corresponding members of the Dark Power Pro 10 series Seasonic manufactured. be quiet! also choose to work exclusively with FSP for their new Dark Power Pro 11 line. To be more specific, this new platform is designed by be quiet! and manufactured by FSP.

As has already been mentioned, the three higher capacity units were introduced with be quiet!'s flagship line. be quiet! introduced the three lower capacity models several months later. The capacities of these Dark Power Pro 11 units range from 550 W to 1200 W. All feature 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency, and as per usual for be quiet!, only the main ATX cable is native. be quiet! insists on keeping one cable native, which differentiates their products from the competition. With that said, be quiet! should adapt since even a native cable can affect usability, and the implementation of only including one surely increases production costs.

The Dark Power P11-1000 is powerful enough for multiple VGAs, and be quiet! equipped it with more than enough connectors to make sure you won't have to leave something unplugged. This unit, unlike most PSUs, can also power and thermally control up to four external fans. Its multiple +12V rails can even be combined into a single, powerful rail through a jumper or a switch.
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