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Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 10 1000 W Review

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We would like to thank Be Quiet for supplying the review sample.

So far we have reviewed two members of Be Quiet's flagship PSU series, the DarkPower Pro with 550 W and 850 W capacity. Now the 1000 W model is on our test bench, ready to confront our electronic loads. The P10-PRO-1000 is made by Seasonic, one of the best PSU OEMs, under the guidance of Be Quiet. It carries some unique features including a lot of cables, even for its high capacity, the ability to switch from a multi-rail design to a single +12V rail, a high-quality Silent Wings fan, rubber edges which absorb vibrations and decrease noise output, and, finally, an impressive look.

The P10-PRO-1000 has all the credentials to fight for the crown of its category and the only area in which it stays behind the competition is efficiency; it is Gold certified while most of the competitive PSUs feature Platinum efficiency. Its price range is, nevertheless, fair. Be Quiet apparently made the choice not to offer the best available efficiency rating in order to keep the price as low as possible while sporting extraordinary features which we rarely see, even for this category. To the best of our knowledge, nine PCIe connectors, along with two EPS ones, are not even available with many 1200-1500 W PSUs, let alone a 1000 W unit. Don't worry about whether a 1kW PSU is able to handle all these connectors. Be Quiet wouldn't install them, nor offer a five-year warranty, if they weren't sure The PSU could handle all of them.

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