be quiet! Silent Base 600 Review 0

be quiet! Silent Base 600 Review

Value & Conclusion

  • The be quiet! Silent Base 600 sells for 109 US dollars with the solid panel and 119 US dollars with the windowed panel - all excluding taxes. In Europe, prices start at 90 Euro and 105 Euro respectively including taxes.
  • Very good price-to-performance ratio
  • Solid construction quality
  • Two Pure Wings 2 fans included
  • Excellent HDD-installation method
  • Tool-less locks for ODD work well
  • Loads of space for large GPUs, CPU coolers, and PSUs
  • Excellent sound encapsulation
  • Can easily hold a 240mm radiator in the front or ceiling
  • Nice color accents inside the chassis
  • Two removable 2.5" mounting slots on motherboard tray
  • Ample space to route cables behind the motherboard tray
  • All fans mounted with silicon rings as an anti-vibration measure
  • Door can be set to open to the left or right
  • You may choose from among four colors for its highlights and pick between a windowed or solid side panel
  • Difficult to connect SATA power to SSDs as there is very little space between the motherboard tray and SSD
  • Very restrictive air vent for cooling solutions in the ceiling
  • "bumps" as motherboard spacers
  • Rear fan mount is recessed about 10 mm deeper into the chassis than with other cases
  • Fan controller tiny and requires opening the door
  • A second removable HDD cage would have been appropriate for be quiet!'s asking price
The be quiet! Silent Base 600 is not simply a smaller version of the 800 as it evolves the design slightly to look more elaborate overall. It scores well with its great build quality, looks, and details of engineering, which were passed on from the larger brethren nicely. However, the ceiling's design results in an air vent that is rather restrictive, which may hurt cooling performance or increase noise levels needlessly if you install a cooling solution there.

You will also enjoy the same sound-encapsulation properties as with the Silent Base 800, alongside two retail quality fans be quiet! mounted onto rubber rings for as much noise reduction as possible. You should even be able to reduce noise further by using the included fan controller, but we would have loved to see a more elegant implementation of it as it simply constitutes a tiny switch behind the front door. Unfortunately, there are two elements to the chassis that are less than ideal: There are, on one hand, the motherboard bumps, which may in some rare cases cause issues by shorting leads, and, on the other, the rather deeply recessed fan in the rear as it may get in the way of large CPU coolers, especially those that lean toward the back a bit to allow for utmost memory compatibility.

However, the be quiet! Silent Base 600 is certainly a great-looking chassis, and it should go well with most of the hardware you will throw at it.