BFG Ageia PhysX Card Review 65

BFG Ageia PhysX Card Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The BFG PhysX Card can be had for under 120€ or around $129 USD these days. Which means that it has become much cheaper within the last year.
  • Price/Performance is worth it if you have a high-end gaming PC
  • Incredible effects
  • Large number of games coming out with PhysX support
  • Great driver support
  • Support through OEMs is growing steadily
  • Well build card
  • Quiet fan
  • Dell offering PhysX in notebooks.
  • Only two manufacturers for retail
  • PCI-E variant not available yet
  • No game included with the BFG card
The first question one needs to ask is simple: "Is the card worth it?". The simple response is "Yes". While you would have been hard pressed to say so a year ago, a lot has changed since then. The first thing you will notice is the price. It has dropped from over 230€ a year ago to a mere 125€ now. Once you have the card, you will also note the additional benefit in realistic physics effects in the modern games like G.R.A.W 2 which we showcased here.
Ageia will be releasing a free multiplayer game called Warmonger in October, which is built on the Unreal 3 Engine, which takes full advantage of all the features the PhysX PPU has to offer. This will also be the beginning of a large number of games, which will hit the streets this holiday season, all supporting the additional device. OEMs are also pushing the PPU in their gaming systems for christmas, which in turn should make it a bit easier for developers to justify the extra step in supporting the PhysX card. Time will tell if all will go well, but it is looking great right now. After a slow start the Ageia PhysX card is starting to really show potential.
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