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BitFenix Fury Gold 750 W Review

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We would like to thank Bitfenix for supplying the review sample.

Bitfenix is widely known for their excellent cases, most of which we have reviewed here at TPU, and as an active company with a desire to enroll into more market segments, Bitfenix has now created a PSU line by teaming up with FSP. The main purpose, as there are a ton of high-performing PSUs, is to offer good products that look great and come with the best cable sleeving money can buy, and so the Fury series was born. It currently consists of three members with capacities ranging from 550 W to 750 W. All three Fury units are 80 Plus Gold certified and feature individually sleeved cables that are of incredibly high quality, especially for a mass-produced PSU. This inevitably greatly affects the price, but keep in mind that the very few companies that sell such cables offer them as an optional upgrade to their PSUs for a huge premium, so you might as well buy a PSU that comes with such amazing cables right off the bat to save you some money and the hassle of buying them separately.

The Fury Gold 750 W, Fury-750 in short, will have to face our load testers today. The unit features a single +12V rail and a semi-modular cabling system. It also promises high efficiency along with low noise output at lower loads. It is currently the strongest Bitfenix PSU, but we suspect the company will release stronger, high-end units if the series does well. That said, their decision to enroll into the market with low- and mid-capacity units is sound since the general public tends to focus on these categories. Monstrous high-end PSUs may be the pride of PSU companies, but most of the profit is made with lower-capacity units and lines, at least in times pre-dating the mining craze.

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