Building a Keyboard 5: MARVODIY Undefined 61, Charcoal Keycaps & Ajazz Diced Fruit Switches 8

Building a Keyboard 5: MARVODIY Undefined 61, Charcoal Keycaps & Ajazz Diced Fruit Switches

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The "Building a Keyboard" series started out as a way to explore different switch options foremost, but evolved into a natural way to cover DIY keyboard components in combination to present our readers various options to quickly and easily build their own keyboard. This is all the more easier today with the availability of hot-swappable switch sockets in assembled keyboards as well as keyboard kits, and there are more switch and keycap sets coming out than ever before. Today, we examine a brand new to me and likely many of you: MARVODIY, which I shall henceforth refer to as MarvoDIY as per the company's own online presence. This is an offshoot of Marvo—a gaming peripherals brand that is getting into the DIY scene. Joining in is also Ajazz, which we have seen before with pre-assembled keyboards, including the K620T 2.0 and Zinc—today, with its new Diced Fruit switches. Thanks again to MarvoDIY and Ajazz, via Epomaker, for providing the samples to TechPowerUp!

MarvoDIY being a new brand, I went in expecting perhaps one or two products on their website, but was surprised by a pretty good collection already. A lot of these are aftermarket keycap sets and switches, which are sold by MarvoDIY but not of its own designs yet, though the company says it is already working on its own keycap designs at the very least. The kit in question is of a 60% keyboard quite intriguingly called the Undefined 61. When prodded more, the company rep said this was intentional in that the company wishes the product be open for users to define its use case and final design as they please. I am pairing the kit with a set of the Charcoal-themed PBT keycaps and a new option for linear switches from Ajazz, the Diced Fruit series. Currently available in two variants—Banana and Peach—these are meant to be aesthetically and functionally pleasing, and I have the Peach switches to complete the build and try it all out together.
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