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CaseLabs MAGNUM M8 Review

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I would like to thank CaseLabs for supplying the review samples.

There are a few companies out there offering cube cases, which are all to some degree customizable. CaseLabs is a new brand, aiming to offer the utmost quality with a new level of modular design not seen in other cube cases. The company currently offers a few different MAGNUM cases for ATX or HTPX boards. Interestingly enough, the guys behind CaseLabs have been producing enclosures for electronic, military, medical, and industrial applications since 1971. In late 2010 they decided to join the consumer market by utilizing their skills and expertise to produce these cases.

We have the pleasure to take a look at the MAGNUM M8 today, along with a slew of optional accessories. The chassis is available in black or white and is constructed completely out of aluminum.


  • All aluminum construction - .090" (2.3mm) chassis .063"(1.6mm) doors/covers
  • Choice of ventilated or solid doors and covers (on a panel by panel basis).
  • Slide out MB tray.
  • Choice of one HDD cage assembly (4 drive capacity): either standard or Flex-Bay mount. Note that the flex-bay mount deletes one of the 3U bay covers.
  • Choice of hex mesh or 40mm fan holes on MB back plate.
  • Dual PSU mounts (Support bracket available: MAC-123)
  • Integrated radiator/fan mount
  • Four single bay filler plates and two triple bay cover plates.
  • Filler plates for top and bottom radiator openings, 40mm fan openings on MB tray (if selected), PCI slots, and one PSU.
  • Four sets of mounting brackets for 5.25” devices (MAC-125)
  • Lamptron anti-vandal style switches (power & reset) and wiring harnesses: blue ring for power and red dot for HDD activity. They are standard switches that can be easily swapped out for custom color combinations.
  • Four rubber feet with screws (casters are available: MAC-107).
  • Misc. hardware: Thumbscrews, MB standoffs, Tie-wraps, etc.
  • Available in black matte or white gloss


Specifications: CaseLabs MAGNUM M8
CASE TYPE:ATX Cube Chassis
WEIGHT:19 lbs
DRIVE BAYS:3x External 5.25" (up to 12 with optional accessories)
4x Internal 3.5" (up to 12 with optional accessories)
DIMENSIONS:15"W x 19.06"H x 20.06"D (381mm x 484mm x 510mm)
FRONT FANS:1x 120 mm (optional)
REAR FANS:1x 120 mm (optional)
TOP FANS:6x 120 mm fans (optional)
BOTTOM FANS:6x 120 mm fans (optional)

*Due to the modular nature of the chassis, the above represent the specifications without any additional parts or customizations
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