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Cherry MX Board 5.0 Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Packaging for the Cherry MX Board 5.0 is on the simpler side of things, with a black cardboard box that has the Cherry logo and product name on the front and some of the salient features listed in the bottom-right corner. We see more of this on the back, as well as a large product render and list of specifications to complete a retail shopping experience should you chance upon it in a brick and mortar store. On the side, we see the switch type of your specific unit, with the MX Red being used here. Double flaps on the side keep a second cardboard box inside.

This inner box is all red and has a subtle Cherry logo in the center of the glossy finish. Single flaps are all that now stand between you and the keyboard, and opening the box, we see the MX Board 5.0 held in place between yet more red cardboard. The keyboard cable is in a compartment underneath, with this whole thing lifting off to reveal the accessories, including an operating manual in multiple languages that goes over the pre-programmed controls.

Then there's that weirdly big wrist rest, which also comes in a plastic wrap. This is a good thing, too, since the top surface is soft touch and fairly tacky to where it attracts dust more than I would like. An MX logo greets us on the top right, and the underside of the wrist rest has a hard plastic bottom with four feet that have rubber pads to add friction against the resting surface.
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