Club 3D CSP-X1200CS 1200 W Review 0

Club 3D CSP-X1200CS 1200 W Review

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We would like to thank Club 3D for supplying the review sample.

It seems the release of new power demanding high-end graphics cards motivated Club 3D to add a 1200 W model to their CSP PSU series. Indeed the CSP-X1000CS, which we tested in a previous review, although it is equipped with six PCIe, would have quite a hard time powering three GTX 580s and a highly clocked multi-core CPU along with a number of peripheral devices, fans etc. But with 1200 W under the hood things definitely get easier.

Contrary to the CSP-X1000CS, the 1200W model features Silver efficiency, so in the long run it will be more economic due to reduced power consumption. Also four +12V rails are available with 40A max each and 1020W combined power. As for other features, a semi-modular cabling system is utilized and the fancy blue fan still adds appearance points to the PSU. Finally, like all CSP models, the OEM of CSP-X1200CS is Andyson.

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