CM Storm Havoc Gaming Mouse Review 7

CM Storm Havoc Gaming Mouse Review

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Like most of their accessories, CM Storm ships the Havoc in a red and black box.

The cable has a soft, woven sleeve, one of the nicer ones out there. It is softer than the cable on the Mionix mice we tested recently.

Closer Examination

CM Storm pulled off the simple look with the Havoc despite its many features and buttons. The rubberized surface makes it feel great in your hands, and the small rubber patch inside the thumb indentation gives you a very secure grip. The rubber inside the thumb indentation is comfortable and practical, which is neat.

Sensor positioning is essential on any mouse and CM Storm almost got it right with the Havoc. The sensor has just been placed a little too close to the cable to be perfectly neutral. This decision is very odd given the mouse is designed with a palm-type grip in mind.

The layout is pretty simple, with the addition of an extra thumb button. The side buttons all feel too soft and mushy to really be great. The two primary buttons are also easier to press than those on the Mionix mice. The distance to actuation is longer and the resistance is small, which takes some getting used to. The fact that they are softer also creates a faster rebound time, which makes it feel slower than normal. You can press buttons quickly, but it requires a lot of getting used to due to their less precise and fast tactile feedback.
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