CM Storm Pitch Pro In-ear Headset Review 0

CM Storm Pitch Pro In-ear Headset Review

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The Package

CM Storm ships the Pitch Pro in a small box packed with extras.

The bundle is quite impressive considering the price of just €34.99. You get three sets of tips, a TRRS to double TRS mini-jack splitter, and an airplane adapter. The carrying bag is a welcome addition as well.

The TRRS adapter allows you to use the headset features of pretty much any PC.

Closer Examination

The CM Storm Pitch Pro is about as large as the original despite a much smaller dynamic driver.

The Pitch Pro looks pretty good and feels sturdy due to its aluminum body. Compared to the rest of the earphone, the small details, like the back cover, look a bit cheap. The cable-exit hole is quite close to the tip, which could make getting a good fit with some ear shapes a bit problematic.

The tip selection is alright. You get three differently sized silicone tips with a hard-center sound tube each.

Cable-wise, the CM Storm Pitch Pro is as good as its predecessor. The cable solution works and seems quite sturdy.
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