Cooler Master GX 650W Bronze Review 2

Cooler Master GX 650W Bronze Review

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We would like to thank Coolermaster for supplying the review sample.

We didn't review Coolermaster's older GX Series, but from what we heard/read their performance was not very impressive. As it seems this forced Coolermaster to take a big decision and change the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) from Seventeam to Enhance. Regardless the OEM change, in order to avoid confusion among the buyers, CM kept the same naming scheme adding only the “Bronze” word after the model name. So, for example, "GX-650W" became "GX-650 Bronze" and so on. Also, besides the upgraded efficiency all major characteristics like cable configuration and power specifications remained the same.

The updated GX series counts four models with capacities spanning from 450W to 750W, in 100W steps. In this review we will test the Cooler Master GX 650W Bronze, a unit that targets mainly upper-midrange systems. This PSU features a single +12V rail, uses a non modular cabling design and is equipped with a 120 mm fan which is provided by Adda, one of the best fan manufacturers. According to our sources the price of the GX-650W Bronze will remain at the same level with the older model, regardless all improvements. This is something very good of course for the end users.

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