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Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1000 W Review

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We would like to thank Cooler Master for supplying the review sample.

Cooler Master's Silent Pro M series has been around for a long time and it was time for a fresh series to take over, so the M2 was released as replacement. Currently the Silent Pro M2 ranks third in CM's PSU series portfolio, below Silent Pro Hybrid and Silent Pro Gold. The most noteworthy difference of M2, in characteristics, to the two aforementioned series is the efficiency certification which dropped to silver and bronze levels in order to retain lower prices.

The new M2 units come in six flavors with capacities ranging from 420W to 1000W. The two stronger units with 1000W and 850W have Silver efficiency while all others are Bronze. Here we should note that at the time of the review no member of the M2 series was officially certified but we are pretty sure that this is just a matter of time.

Today's review subject is the Silent Pro M2 1000W which like all other M2 units uses a semi-modular cabling system, features a single +12V rail and it is made by Enhance Electronics, the same OEM that also manufactures the Silent Pro Hybrid and Gold units for CM. The M2 1000W is also equipped with a 135mm HDB (Hydro Dynamic Bearing) fan, according to CM, which besides silence promises long lifespan compared to a plain sleeve bearing one. Finally the warranty is set at five years, providing long peace of mind to the future buyers.

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