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Cooler Master V Series Platinum 1200 W Review

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We would like to thank Cooler Master for supplying the review sample.

All of the V series units we have tested so far performed amazingly well, easily achieving a high price/performance ratio because Cooler Master prices these units aggressively. The company obviously meant to strengthen their presence in the PSU market by challenging every other strong competitor, which had them go for top performance by teaming up with Seasonic and minimizing their profits to keep prices low – a smart move if you want to gain popularity and build a good name fast.

The V series, so far their best-performing line, only included three members with capacities ranging from 700 W to 1000 W. However, Cooler Master recently also added a 1200 W unit with Platinum efficiency, which is contrary to the Gold-certified efficiency the other V units feature. The new V unit uses Seasonic’s top platform the company code-named XP3, so we expect big things from the V1200. The latter is incredibly efficient, offers a fully modular cabling design, and comes with the option to operate the fan in hybrid mode via a fan-mode switch on a bracket, which makes it easier to get to than on Seasonic's KM3 platform where the fan switch is at the front. CM also did not curtail the platform in any way by going with the complete version of Seasonic's offering in an attempt to hit the competition at the very top of the high-end category hard, although it already includes such topnotch products as the Super Flower Leadex Platinum 1200 W we recently reviewed and Corsair's digital AX1200i. Although a tough category, we strongly believe the V1200 capable enough to meet the competition eye to eye because Seasonic is the OEM. One thing is for sure: Today’s review will be incredibly interesting as the V1200 will definitely leave its mark on the umber-high-end PSU category.

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