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Cooler Master V Series 650 W Review

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We would like to thank Cooler Master for supplying the review sample.

It has been a while since Cooler Master replaced its older VSM units with three low capacity V units featuring fully modular cables, a 3D circuit design, which increases efficiency, and a quality Silencio fan. All other features remained the same. These new V models with capacities ranging from 550-750 W are, as such, made by Enhance Electronics, sport 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, and are very compact. The stronger V units with capacities of 850 W, 1 kW, and 1.2 kW, though, are manufactured by Seasonic. The older VSM models also had rather affordable price tags, so we can't help but notice that Cooler Master's new V units are priced significantly higher, which makes them for enthusiasts willing to invest a large amount of money into a PSU. The fully modular cables, exclusive use of Japanese caps, and loop-bearing fan might increase production costs, but the price difference between these V and VSM units is so large that such changes do not fully justify the price hike.

The V650 will be put under our scope today. Its capacity is 100 W higher than the V550 we already reviewed some months ago. This PSU's most notable feature are its incredibly small dimensions, which, combined with its decent capacity, grant it a high power density score, making it a good alternative to SilverStone's offerings targeting those who need a small PSU with enough throughput. Based on our experience with the V550, we expect it to perform well, although its high price will make things difficult in terms of its price-to-performance ratio, a key buying factor for most of you.
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