Coolmax PS-224 LCD Power Supply Tester Review 14

Coolmax PS-224 LCD Power Supply Tester Review

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I would like to thank Coolmax for supplying the review sample.

Founded in 1997, Coolmax Technology Inc. is a rapidly growing company that has become known for their power supply units among other products. Upon it's initial opening, Coolmax Technology Inc. provided cooling solutions for electrical and industrial applications using AC and DC voltage fans to gain a solid foundation for the company they are today. The company now offers a major product line that includes External enclosures for hard drives, optical drives, power supplies, cables and case mods.

The Coolmax PU-224 LCD Power Supply Tester is intended to provide a simple and easy way to test a possible faulty or non-working computer power supply unit. The PS-224 has a durable aluminum casing with a back-lit LCD that makes diagnosis quick and easy. The unit provides voltage readouts that can indicate a possible over or under-voltage of any given rail as well as an alarm that indicates over-voltage, under-voltage, or no voltage at all.


  • 20/24-pin motherboard, 4-pin and 8-pin cpu, 6-pin PCI-e, 4-pin Molex, 4-pin floppy, Serial-ATA connectors
  • Easy to check ATX power supply
  • Aluminum case
  • Blue lighted LCD display
  • Accurate voltage indicator +/- 0.1V (+12V1/+5V/+3.3V/5VSB/+12V2/-12V)
  • ATX P.G. value display
  • Lower or higher P.G. values alarm
  • Under-voltage detected alarm
  • Over-voltage alarm
  • No voltage detected alarm
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