CORSAIR and EKWB Water Blocks Tested on GeForce RTX 2080 22

CORSAIR and EKWB Water Blocks Tested on GeForce RTX 2080

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Remember this? It happened as a result of my having access to an aftermarket GPU and two GPU blocks, which was not enough to do a series of water block reviews as I usually do, but interesting enough to directly compare two offerings from different brands that were being discussed in the same circles. Many were not sure if the two brands were even working together, which was not the case, and most simply wanted to see if it was worth paying for the known brand compared to the then relatively unknown brand from Asia. Today, we do the same, of sorts, with two more GPU water blocks, and thanks to CORSAIR and EKWB for sending us the samples!

Before you think there is a ulterior motive in my comparing only these two brands, especially given the colored history between the two that led to the creation of the CORSAIR Hydro X business unit in the first place, let me state that their shared history is of course a small contributor to this article happening. People, myself included, have wondered if the EKWB brand was more than just a few people, who had in turn joined CORSAIR. Are the two GPU blocks comparable in design? Is one a value proposition over the other? I was also looking for a reason to test an EK-Vector GPU block, my first since the launch of their Quantum design philosophy that gave us the EK-Velocity CPU block. So here we are then, and let's read on to answer these questions.
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