Corsair Professional Series Gold AX 650 W Review 3

Corsair Professional Series Gold AX 650 W Review

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We would like to thank Corsair for supplying the review sample.

At last year's Computex we had the chance to see the newly released Corsair AX650 which is the fourth member of Corsair's flagship series, Professional Gold. All AX units address the enthusiast users who don't have a problem to invest a significant amount on a PSU, but expect only the best performance out of it. According to all reviews around the globe, including our own review of the Corsair AX850, all AX units are top performers with state of the art characteristics and features that will cover even the most demanding users out there. Surely their prices are a bit stiff but at least you get what you pay for.

The AX650, like the AX750 and AX850 PSUs, is based on Seasonic's flagship platform which the Seasonic X series units also utilize. Briefly, the AX650 uses a fully modular cable design which as we see will dominate in the years to come, has 80 Plus Gold efficiency and features a dedicated single +12V rail. Also its compact dimensions render it compatible with all normal PC chassis and the exclusive use of Japan made caps along with the ball bearings fan ensure a long, trouble-free lifespan. On top of that Corsairs offers a seven year warranty to all AX units ensuring this way the long peace of mind of all future buyers. But enough with the long talk, let's skip to the main review and see what the AX650 really has to offer and how it stands against the competition.

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