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Corsair AX Series 760 W Review

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We would like to thank Corsair for supplying the review sample.

The digitally controlled AX860i and AX760i PSUs are made by Flextronics, but their counterparts that miss the "i" are made by Seasonic. They use a conventional design to achieve the best possible performance; that is, if you can call such a high-end platform conventional. The price margin between the AXi and AX units is definitely noticeable, but is not crazily high, so it is up to the user to decide whether spending a couple extra bucks to get the shiny new platform with the monitor/control software as a cherry on the pie is worth it, or whether picking the already proven Seasonic platform that may lack all the digital gismos, while fully exploiting the conventional control ICs to achieve record breaking performance, would be a better choice. This is indeed a hard dilemma, but we are pretty sure that things will be crystal clear with solid test data results being available by the end of this review.

The main difference of the new AX760 unit to its predecessor, besides the slight increase in capacity, is the efficiency upgrade that is now compliant with the requirements of the 80 Plus Platinum specification. Its other specifications are almost the same since the PSU utilizes a fully modular cabling design, goes fanless at lower loads, allowing for the lowest possible noise, and because it can deliver its maximum power output at up to 50°C ambient. The warranty period does, on top of that, remain the same at seven years; a really long period, especially for a PSU. Its long warranty is a clear indication that Corsair is pretty confident about this product. They see no problem whatsoever in fully supporting the AX760 for such a long period of time. You can be sure of the unit's reliability if you have Seasonic or Flextronics (since the AXi units enjoy the same warranty period) making PSUs for you, especially if you set some of the specifications while also taking an active part in its evaluation process.

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