Corsair Force GS 240 GB Review 9

Corsair Force GS 240 GB Review

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Corsair is one of the innovation leaders in the memory and power supply market.

Their new Force GS SSD introduces Toggle Mode NAND flash. Toggle Mode NAND promises faster performance at lower power consumption. The GS SSDs are available in capacities of 180, 240, 360, and 480 GB.

Specifications:Corsair Force GS 240 GB
Model:Force GS 240 GB
Controller:SandForce SF-2281
Flash Type:SanDisk/Toshiba MLC, 24 nm
Form Factor2.5"
Capacity240 GB (223.60 GB usable)
16 GB overprovisioning
Interface:SATA 6 Gbps
TRIM supported:Yes
NCQ supported:Yes
Warranty:3 Years
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