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Corsair HXi Series 750 W Review

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We would like to thank Corsair for supplying the review sample.

We recently reviewed the flagship unit of the fresh HXi line, and it managed to leave a pretty good impression on us. Today, we have its smaller brother on the test bench, and we expect it to perform just as well since it is based on the same platform with only a few component changes, which are due to its lower capacity. Like all HXi units, the HX750i is 80 Plus Platinum certified. The PSU also uses a fully modular cabling design, which will make installing it a breeze, and comes with a whisper quiet operation. Corsair has lately paid much attention to silently operating products, probably because they yearn to participate in such hard but profitable markets as the German one in which users put a big emphasis on keeping noise output as low as possible.

Another interesting feature of HXi units is their digital interface. It allows these units to talk with the Corsair Link software to provide crucial data about the PSU's operation. Not only does it monitor functionality as it also allows users to adjust fan speed and disable multi +12V-rail mode, turning this PSU into a single +12V unit instead. Most of you would probably want a fully digital PSU, like the AXi units where processors (MCUs) take the place of analog controllers for incredible efficiency, excellent ripple suppression, and a very tight load regulation. However, such an approach still costs much, so for the moment, a hybrid analog and digital design is used if manufacturers want to keep the final price of a product with some digital goodies under check, which restricts digital functionality to monitoring tasks. Such a design essentially consists of a polished analog platform and a digital interface which allows it to communicate with the outside world. We actually favor such an approach as long as the aforementioned digital interface doesn't affect the final price significantly. However, we will make a notable point of it when it does.

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