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CORSAIR K83 Wireless Keyboard Review

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Lately, CORSAIR has been releasing new keyboards like there is no tomorrow, be it with MK.2 updates to the STRAFE and K70 or just new wireless keyboards as we saw last year with their K63 Wireless. The latter was their very first wireless mechanical keyboard, no doubt one of many to come. Since then, many others have come up, with 2.4 GHz and/or Bluetooth-enabled wireless mechanical keyboards targeted at general hybrid gaming and living room use cases. Today, we take a look at the CORSAIR K83 Wireless, a keyboard designed solely for the living room. Thanks again to CORSAIR for sending us a review sample.

The promotional images CORSAIR sent as a reference all feature the living room strongly, be it in a group setting using the keyboard as a general access tool for an HTPC or even to help navigate a smart TV. A quick look at the preview image above reveals this keyboard to be very different to any other CORSAIR keyboard to date, with a compact 76-key layout on the left and an actual trackpad with mouse action buttons on the right. But wait, there's more. We have dedicated media controls, a joystick for navigation, and two function modes that also help dictate the purpose for two more buttons on the side and back. This is a wireless keyboard not necessarily meant to be used for gaming, but, rather, general productivity and as a replacement for a keyboard and mouse combination in the living room. We will go over the various features of the K83 Wireless in this review and begin with a look at the specifications below.


CORSAIR K83 Wireless Keyboard
Layout:76-key modified US ANSI layout, language support depending on your region
Material:ABS plastic case and keycaps, aluminium frame
Macro Support:Yes
Weight:0.48 kg/1.06 lbs.
Wrist Rest:No
Anti-ghosting:20-Key rollover
Media Keys:Dedicated by default
Dimensions:125 (L) x 381 (W) x 28 (H) mm
Cable Length:6.0 ft/1.8 m
Switch Type:Low profile scissor switch
Backlighting:Yes, single color white
Interface:USB, 2.4 GHz wireless, or Bluetooth 4.2
Warranty:Two years
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