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Corsair RMi Series 650 W Review

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Corsair has one of the most complete PSU portfolios around, and the best part is that it is constantly being added to with new models or updated versions of current ones. Corsair's top three PSU lines are the AXi, HXi, and RMi lines, and today, we are evaluating the RM650i, which, as its model number implies, has a capacity of 650W. The RMi line sits between the HXi and RMx lines, and its members feature a digital interface, which makes keeping track of voltages, power input and output, amperage, and fan speed possible. Users can even adjust the fan's profile since RMi PSUs utilize a PWM fan. However, the platform isn't digital as with Corsair's AXi PSUs since it uses the typical analog parts most PSUs contain. The only digital parts are in the interface that allows the PSU to communicate with the system. You can pick a RMx unit if you don't care about monitoring your PSU's functions since they are based on the same platform, but come without a digital interface and a different fan.

The RM650i is perfect for a strong gaming system because it can support two high-end VGAs with a power consumption of around 200 W each. It is Gold-certified and utilizes a new platform by Channel Well Technology (CWT) for top-notch performance in all areas. The performance gap between the older RM and newer RMi and RMx units is huge, which shows that Corsair is heading down the right path. Corsair has, moreover, increased the warranty to ten years to close the gap to EVGA's offerings. Such a long warranty looks like a gamble when it comes to PSUs since power quality and operating conditions can play a significant role; however, Corsair seems confident enough in their quality since the warranty has been increased for all AXi, HXi, RMi, and RMx units.
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