Corsair RMi Series 650 W Review 10

Corsair RMi Series 650 W Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The Corsair RM650i retails for $120.
  • Delivered full power at 47°C
  • Ripple suppression
  • Silent
  • Load regulation
  • Efficient
  • Hold-up time
  • Japanese capacitors
  • FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) fan
  • Fully modular
  • Semi-passive operation
  • Digital interface - Corsair Link software
  • OCP can be disabled
  • Fan-test button
  • 10 year warranty
  • No bypass relay for the NTC thermistor, which protects a unit against large inrush currents
  • Short distance between peripheral connectors
  • Single EPS connector
Corsair hit the competition really hard with the new RMi and RMx units. The RM650i, which I evaluated today, performed amazingly in almost all the tests I conducted. Its overall performance is among the highest in its category, well over its main competitor, EVGA's SuperNOVA 650 G2. So far, EVGA was the only company brave enough to provide a ten-year warranty with its high-end offerings, a clear advantage to anyone looking for some peace of mind, but Corsair decided to match EVGA's offer, and from now on, all all AXi, HXi, RMi, and RMx units will also feature a ten-year warranty. This is good news for everyone, including those who already have one of these PSUs since the upgraded warranty also covers their units.

Personally, I strongly believe that the small price gap between the RMi and the RMx units is fully justified by the higher quality fan and digital interface, which provides many useful functions, including fan control. The RMi units also come with a very useful fan-test button, something the RMx models lack. The RM650i looks to be the PSU for a strong gaming system equipped with two VGAs that consume around 200 W, each, and a potent processor. Not only is its performance top notch as it is also very quiet. You will have to put it through a lot in order to make its fan spin at moderate speeds at which it will hardly be audible. The Japanese electrolytic caps and other high quality components ensure this PSU stays reliable and performs well as it ages. Given all the above, the RM650i is worth every penny you will spend on it, and it rightfully so deserves a recommendation. If you want to save a few dollars and don't care much about the digital interface or the extra features Corsair Link provides, you could go with the RM650x; I, however, would go for the "i" version because of the software support and higher quality FDB fan (the RMx units use a rifle-bearing fan). If Corsair were to include another EPS connector, the RM650i would even be better than the EVGA 650 G2 in terms of connectivity since the latter comes with two EPS connectors instead.
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