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Cougar Revenger S Review

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Cougar is a relatively new company in the mouse market, yet they already offer a very broad selection of excellent mice. Furthermore, they seem to be react quickly to user feedback, welcoming it. Last year, they announced a series of new products that were extremely promising according to their specifications despite a very friendly price tag. One of these mice was the Minos X5 I already reviewed a while back. This time around, I will show you the Revenger S, which has almost the exact same specifications as the Minos X5 except for its shape and some other very minor details.


Cougar Revenger S
Sensor:PixArt PMW3360
MCU/Processor:PTC PT32C302 32-bit ARM
Main Switches:Omron D2FC-F-K(50M)
Wheel Encoder:Alps
Size:130 mm x 65 mm x 43 mm
Number of Buttons:6
Weight:94 g
Polling Rate:125 - 2000 Hz
Cable:1.8 m long, non-braided
Software:Cougar UIX™ System
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