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Danger Den Torture Rack Review

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My thanks go out to Danger Den for providing the test sample.

Today, we will take a look at Danger Den’s venture into the area of computer cases and enclosures. Before, Danger Den offered custom case projects – which, most of the time, were expensive, and one-off jobs. Now, the company brings its cases to the masses. Three cases are offered – starting with the Airbox through the Waterbox Plus, ending at the Torture Rack. We will take a look at the latter today.

What makes Danger Den’s cases stand out is the fact that their motherboards are mounted horizontally, instead of vertically as in most cases. This allows better serviceability of the computer's internals, at the same time providing better cooling, as you get rid of most of the cable clutter. All of Danger Den’s cases are made of thick acrylic, which should not crack easily, and also allows people to feast their eyes with the internals of your PC.

Specifically for the Torture rack, the case was designed by Danger Den for internal testing. The motherboard is placed atop, and the components that are rarely changed are located at the bottom (PSU, HDD, disc drive). The case itself is made from clear acrylic, but the motherboard tray can be made out of UV-sensitive material, as well as the optional top and side panel.


Directly from the Danger Den website:
  • Motherboard – ATX and Micro ATX
  • Supports ATX PSU
  • 3 x 3.5” Internal Drives
  • 1 x 5.25” External Drive Bay
  • Supports up to 8 x 120mm case fans
  • Compatible With Aftermarket Air Coolers
  • Strong and Durable Acrylic construction
  • Size: 14.7” x 12.1” x 14.4” (373mm x 308 x 365mm) W x D x H
  • Black Ice Series I or II radiators (Xtreme, Pro, GTS, and GTX)
Other options:
  • Coming Soon - Send us your graphics and we'll cut it into the case
  • Case Panel Colors (available soon - standard is all clear)
  • Top Panel - For Security or Stacking Purposes
  • Front Panel - Covers the Front Top to Motherboard Tray for Security
Our case came with an UV-blue motherboard tray, as well as UV-Blue top and side panel.
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