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Deepcool Quanta DQ1250 1250 W Review

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We would like to thank Deepcool for supplying the review sample.

With long history in the field because they have been around since 1996, Deepcool is a traditional manufacturer of cooling products. Nowadays their product range includes coolers and cooling accessories like cases, various consumer electronic accessories (tablet and monitor stands), and, recently, PSUs. This isn't the first time we see a traditional cooling company enter this market segment, and we definitely welcome such efforts since they increase the competition and lead to more choices for consumers. However, the PSU market is a tough one and needs careful planning, not only the re-branding of products, so all new companies have to prepare well and in advance to keep up with the pace the competition sets; that is, if they want to create a strong presence that lasts.

Today’s review will look at Deepcool’s flagship PSU, the DQ1250. Promising a long 120,000 hours Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), this unit's efficiency is Platinum, and its capacity is huge. Please keep in mind that MTBF doesn’t only reflects the reliability of electronic parts as it also deals with the reliability of such parts as the cooling fan, which can be replaced much more readily than a mosfet or capacitor.

The DQ series currently consists of three units, and with the exception of the unit we will review today, the other two feature Gold efficiency and less capacity (1000 W and 750 W). The DQ1250 uses a modern CWT platform we have come across in our Thermaltake Toughpower 1275 W review. Although it counts as in production for some years now, the platform is still considered pretty modern since PSU platforms don’t get as old as quickly as CPUs and VGAs. So while essential because they protect your system, PSUs also don't de-value as quickly, another interesting fact you may not have been aware of yet.

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