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DimasTech Bench Table V2.5 Review

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I would like to thank Dimastech for providing the review sample.

We have reviewed the Benchtable Easy V2 almost a year ago and here we are again with the company's newest version of the open chassis format. The Benchtable Easy V2.5 takes the proven layout and shape of the v2 and improves on many different aspects. While they look similar, there are numerous differences, which we will explore in this review. For all of those not familiar with the Benchtable Easy V2, I suggest you read through the review here.

Features & Specifications
  • Bench made from sheet metal 1,5 mm
  • CNC laser cutting
  • Powder or Enamel, basic phosphatic
  • Totally "Made in Italy"
  • Marked "Made in Italy" on the back of the Bench/Test Table
  • Compatible with ATX and Full ATX motherboard and Micro ATX, XL-ATX, Mini ATX
  • Installation of up to 3 devices 5.25 inches
  • Installation of up to 3 hard drives (3.5 inch) 4 or more floppy disks with no floppy drive,
  • Support for sockets with fan ventilation area 120x120
  • Support for ventilation area opposite 120x120 video card fan
  • Latest keys wired for power and reset switches, (n ° 2)
  • Holes on the front and back of the motherboard to allow the passage of cables and pipes for watercooling downstairs
  • PSU supports positioned on the front or back of the Bench/Test Table
  • Compatibility with power supplies up to 22cm in length
  • Lateral support for the installation of all types of radiators on the market (HwLab, Thermochill, TFC, Etc)
  • Rear space for installation of a compact liquid cooling system
  • Thumb Screws step M3 and 6-32 (American pitch UNC)
  • Support for 120x120 mm fan for cooling systems in SLI/Crossfire
  • Rubber feet * Ram fan support 120x120 mm
  • Lower drawer with sliding tracks and fixation with screws knurled side
  • Placement supported devices on slots
  • Personalization side of the body with the basic version of the Bench/Test Table
  • Adjustable positioning device support
  • Supports for adjustable radiator over the back of the Bench/Test Table
  • Screws also knurled nuts
  • Total elimination of the use of instrumentation outside the Bench/Test Table
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