DUNU ZEN PRO In-Ear Monitors Review - ECLIPSƎ Power 11

DUNU ZEN PRO In-Ear Monitors Review - ECLIPSƎ Power

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This one was a surprise even to me, and a welcome one at that. My recent review of the DUNU FALCON PRO happened because it was a more affordable release from the brand, one that had more marketing budget thrown at. It was and still is the easiest entry to experience what DUNU calls ECLIPSƎ, a new patented driver platform that impressed with the technical performance of the FALCON PRO. ECLIPSƎ itself came about from lessons learned making the all-beryllium foil LUNA, a $1600 set of IEMs that seemed more like an exercise to show the world what the engineering team at DUNU could do. The DUNU ZEN, launched last year, debuted at a much lower price and felt more like a finished retail product with compromises made in terms of the diaphragm material. It launched to rave reviews, but there clearly was room for improvement. So here we are taking a look at the current ECLIPSƎ flagship—the ZEN PRO—and thanks to DUNU for providing TechPowerUp a review sample.

This one will be interesting because deliberately next to no ZEN PRO review samples were sent out, especially in the absence of competitive single dynamic driver IEMs in its price range. Instead, DUNU opted for a private test with a few reviewers who had previously reviewed the original ZEN, and generally found positive feedback across several categories. As a general statement, the quick turnaround from ZEN to ZEN PRO may well have irked some, but note that the two don't directly compete in pricing anymore, either. The ZEN PRO aims to address some of the concerns with the original ZEN—the darker treble response in particular. Getting this right with a single dynamic driver requires more tricks than I could practically go on about here, but we'll address some of the tech that has gone into the ZEN PRO in this review which begins with a look at the product specifications in the table below.


DUNU ZEN PRO In-Ear Monitors
Shell:316 stainless steel in a titanium gray scratch-resistant anodized finish
Cable:Four cores of alternating mixed-strand Furukawa OCC copper and Neotech silver
Driver Units:2nd-gen 13.5 mm magnesium-aluminium alloy dome with nanoporous amorphous carbon coating (nanoDLC) and fully independent suspension surround; > 1.8 T external ring-type neodymium magnet assembly
Sensitivity:112 +/-1 dB/mW @1 kHz
Frequency Response:5 Hz–40 kHz
Impedance:16 Ω @1 kHz
Cable Connectors:Q-Lock PLUS modular plug system (4.4 mm TRRS/3.5 mm TRS/2.5 mm TRRS) from source to two MMCX connectors to IEMs
Cable Length:4 ft/1.2 m
Warranty:One year
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