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Enermax MaxRevo 1350 W Review

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We would like to thank Enermax for supplying the MaxRevo 1350 W review sample.

Till recently Enermax didn’t have a PSU in the Mega (>1000W) category with Gold efficiency, so Antec and Corsair dominated the field with the HCP-1200 and AX-1200 respectively, and enjoyed the loneliness of the top. However this is going to change with the Enermax MaxRevo series, which consists of three members with 1200, 1350 and 1500W capacities with the first two being Gold efficiency PSUs on steroids, since the manufacturer claims up to 94% efficiency. Although we heard numerous announcements at Computex 2011, actually it’s the first time that a manufacturer has a 1500W, high efficiency PSU ready to hit the shelves (at the time of the review the MaxRevo EMR1500EWT wasn't listed on the 80 PLUS site so we don't have an official statement about its efficiency rating). We admit that we would prefer the Enermax MaxRevo 1500W model for this review but we won’t say no of course to its smaller brother, the MaxRevo 1350 which has 150W less capacity.

Besides its monstrous capacity and the already mentioned Gold efficiency, the Enermax MaxRevo 1350 W (or EMR1350EWT) features eight PCIe connectors so it can support up to four high-end VGAs along with many other power hungry components. Since we can test up to 1800W at +12V alone (or 150A at nominal voltage) and 2250W in total we will easily push the Enermax MaxRevo 1350 W to its limits.

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