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Enermax MAXREVO 1500 W Review

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We would like to thank Enermax for supplying the review sample.

Enermax's MAXREVO series only consisted of two units so far, and we can easily say that the series wasn't one of the priorities of Enermax, since they have been paying much more attention to the flagship Platimax line; that is, until recently. Enermax has recently added a 1500W unit to the MAXREVO line-up. It, with some small differences, utilizes the same platform as the Platimax 1550W and LEPA 1600 W. The new MAXREVO 1500 W comes in two versions: one for the EU and one for the US. The unit for the EU zone is model number EMR1500EGT, only takes 220 to 240 VAC power input, and has one universal input. The EMR1500EWT is currently available in the States and has, since it can operate with 115 VAC, been certified by the 80 PLUS organization, gaining the Gold efficiency badge. We will test the EU model, the EMR1500EGT, in this review.

The EMR1500EGT promises up to 94% efficiency and, like the other MAXREVO units, utilizes a state of the art platform/design to achieve its monstrous capacity along with top performance. It, according to Enermax, utilizes a specially designed transformer, which allows for increased efficiency and is also equipped with a copper-bridge array that delivers all rails to the modular panel at greatly reduced energy loss and lower voltage drops. The EMR1500EGT uses a fully modular cabling design that includes eight PCIe connectors (two less compared to the Platimax 1500 W and the LEPA 1600 W) and two EPS connectors, all of which are available at the same time. Finally, Enermax equipped the EMR1500EGT with six +12V rails, a twister-bearing fan for lower noise output and increased lifetime, and nothing but Japanese caps to ensure that the PSU operates without a hitch for years, since they tend to last much longer than Taiwanese and Chinese caps.

As you can see, the big MAXREVO has all the required features to claim a top place in its category. Its main competitors are the Platimax 1500 W and the LEPA 1600 W unit.

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