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Enermax Revolution X't 430 W Review

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We would like to thank Enermax for supplying the review sample.

Enermax is one of the well-known PSU OEMs around, since they have been a part of the market for quite some time, with lots of well-performing high-end offerings in their portfolio. Today, we will evaluate one of their low-capacity units, which, although very affordable, still comes with many interesting features, including 80 Plus Gold efficiency. The Revolution X't line consists of four members with capacities ranging from 430 W to 730 W, and we have already reviewed the 630 W (ERX630AWT), which achieved good overall results in our tests. The smallest member of this line, the ERX430AWT, will now be put to the test to prove its worth.

Although it is small in both capacity and size, the ERX430AWT has several aces up its sleeve. It not only features Gold-certified efficiency, but also comes with a semi-modular cabling design and is Haswell ready. Enermax even equipped it with the heat-guard function, which keeps the PSU up and running for 30-60 seconds after the system shuts down to dissipate any residual system heat, increasing this PSU's lifetime. The unit's compact dimensions will also prove very helpful during its installation in especially small cases, which is the ideal place for a PSU of this capacity. There is also its very affordable price, which will make it interesting to users on a tight budget, but in need of a branded PSU for a small system where a stronger PSU would simply be too strong and a waste of money.

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