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EVGA Bronze 600 W Review

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We would like to thank EVGA for supplying the review sample.

EVGA made quite an entry into the PSU market with their SuperNOVA line, and most of their PSU offerings we have reviewed so far managed to impress us with their performance and high price/performance ratio. Currently in the mainstream PSU category with two units, the 500B and 600B, EVGA is obviously also taking the mainstream market, one of the most important shares since its volume is the largest of them all, very seriously in an attempt to claim a big share of all PSU sales. We already reviewed the first of the two a while ago, and although it has shortcomings, it managed to impress us with its very high price/performance ratio due to its incredibly affordable price. Today, we will evaluate its bigger brother with 100 W more capacity and the same features.

The EVGA 600B unit is 80 Plus Bronze certified, has a single +12V rail, a non-modular cabling design, and is equipped with two PCIe connectors, so it can feed up to two single PCIe-socketed VGAs or a single, double PCIe-socketed card, though a 600 W unit should in our opinion have four PCIe connectors. That said, EVGA probably didn't want an internal competitor to their lower wattage SuperNOVA units. The lack of more PCIe sockets also clearly shows that the Bronze series is mostly meant for office and mainstream systems, not much stronger gaming stations. The 600B's most notable asset, the same as for the lower capacity 500B unit, is then its very good price at which it currently sells, making it one of the most affordable branded PSUs. Combine its affordable price with the three year warranty and you really have a worthwhile package that will easily attract many budget-oriented users.

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