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EVGA SuperNOVA G2 750 W Review

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We would like to thank EVGA for supplying the review sample.

The PSU market is of interest to many companies out there and EVGA is one of them. The company only offered one very high-end unit initially and released many PSUs to cover all market segments afterward—mainstream, mid, and high-end. The SuperNOVA G2 series is EVGA’s second-best series and until recently consisted of only two units we already reviewed, the G2-1300 and G2-1000. EVGA apparently also sought to establish a presence in the more popular market segment below 1 kW, which led to the release of the G2 850 W and G2 750 W. The units are also by Super Flower, as both are based on SF's high-end Leadex platform.

We have the G2-750 with Gold-certified efficiency on our test bench today. It utilizes a fully modular cabling design and gives the user the ability to switch between a semi-passive and normal operation where the fan is constantly engaged, although its speed is thermally controlled. While we aren't huge fans of semi-passive PSUs because the state puts a ton of stress on such sensitive components as electrolytic caps without offering much in terms of noise reduction, enough users with incredibly sensitive hearing will prefer it. The strongest points of the G2-750 are probably its very good price and the huge warranty of ten years! EVGA is the first company with the guts to offer such a long warranty with a PSU product, and we congratulate them for it. They must be really confident in the platform to have struck such a decision, or SF backed them up on it. However, Super Flower actually only offers five years with their products, so we believe EVGA to probably be on its own after five years.

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