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Far Cry 6 Benchmark Test & Performance Review

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Far Cry 6 is here! Since Ubisoft took over complete control of the franchise from its creator Crytek, Far Cry has had a familiar, recurring theme. You, the protagonist, find yourself in a dystopian land ruled by a dictator or a warlord and have to fight your way out to survive; only the land is drop-dead gorgeous, with innocent people leading a hopeless struggle against a tyrannical regime.

Far Cry 2 put us in a failed Sub-Saharan African state. Far Cry 3 took us to a Caribbean island state run by a pirate/drug-lord. Far Cry 4 took us to the Himalayan kingdom run by a self-proclaimed God figure, and very intelligently, Far Cry 5 showed us the poorest badlands of the United States, where religious nut-cases with guns have taken over. Through all this, the most glaring omission by the developers had been Latin America, which had been a heartland of corrupt dictatorships, and a battleground for proxy-warfare during the cold war.

Modeled roughly around what is today's Cuba, Yara is a Latin American paradise of an island nation filled with natural splendour, bountiful resources, and people who just want to get by, but it is ruled by a tinpot "El Presidente" dictator who keeps his people in abject poverty to rule absolutely. He is grooming his son, a child, to follow in his footsteps. You play as a guerrilla fighter of a rag-tag militia that's out to topple the regime and liberate Yara. The LatAm dictatorship, guerrilla movement, and "Viva La Revolution" all add up to a caricatured portrayal of dictatorships in that part of the world, which is probably why Ubisoft has been avoiding that particular geography until now.

As for the game itself, it's the cookie-cutter open-world sandbox FPS experience you've grown to love about Far Cry. You liberate points on a map, complete elaborate missions at your leisure to further your faction's goal, drive vehicles, craft weapons and supplies, and just explore the richly detailed world of the game and its many secrets and side quests.

Based on the latest version of the Dunia engine, Far Cry 6 leverages DirectX 12 and is known to use a multitude of contemporary features, including ray tracing and performance updates such as FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR). It can be heavily taxing on your machine. In this article, we show you just how the game fares with popular graphics hardware.
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