Far Cry Primal: Performance Analysis 51

Far Cry Primal: Performance Analysis

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The most unexpected addition to Ubisoft's smash-hit open-world shooter franchise, Far Cry Primal is a most unusual FPS since it lacks guns! The setting is central Europe, 10,000 BC, in the fictional valley of Oros where an embattled mankind struggles to find its place against nature. You have a handful of melee and short-range weapons at your disposal with which to face and tame some of the most deadly creatures that walked the Earth back then—woolly mammoths, wolves, and saberteeth.

Based on an evolved Dunia 2 engine, which used to drive Far Cry 4, among other games, "Primal" takes advantage of DirectX 11 to conjure up some of the most stunning natural vistas. It particularly leverages some of the new hardware to render details such as dense vegetation, animal fur, and groovy flame effects.

In this article, we put our selection of performance-thru-enthusiast graphics cards through "Primal" to give you a decent idea of how well it runs on some of the most common graphics cards at four popular resolutions, including 1080p, 1440p, and 4K Ultra HD.
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