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FinalMouse Scream One Second Edition Review

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FinalMouse is a relatively new competitor in the market of computer mice, having made its entry early 2015 with the first FinalMouse and catering to hardcore E-Sports enthusiast since their first days. The Scream One is named after the legendary Counter-Strike player Scream. It is their first mouse to boast the 3360, the best sensor currently available, and claims to have custom firmware and MCU programming to maximize performance for that tiny edge over your competition.


FinalMouse Scream One
Processor:NXP LPC11U34 ARM Cortex-M0
Sensor:PixArt 3360
Main Switches:Omron D2FC-F-7N (20M)
Other Switches:Generic
Wheel Encoder:TTC (mechanical)
Size:127 x 61 x 39 mm
Number of Buttons:6
Polling Rate:1000 Hz
Cable Length:1.8 m
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