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Fractal Design NEWTON R3 1000 W Review

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We would like to thank Fractal Design for supplying the review sample.

Fractal Design is a Swedish company that puts a great deal of effort into providing extraordinarily designed products without compromising on crucial factors like quality, functionality, and pricing. Their chassis offerings are amongst the best, and many expert reviewers in this field, TPU's included, have given them various recommendations and awards. Their PSU offerings, on the other hand, have failed to stand out, which means the company is not as well-known in this field, even though their PSUs have an interesting design. But Fractal Design has concerted its efforts and is making a strong re-entry into this area with the release of many new PSU models to turn the tide.

The new top gun of their PSU arsenal is the fresh Newton R3 1000 W. It comes in two colors schemes, black and white, and features a single +12V rail, Platinum efficiency, a semi-modular cabling design, and fanless operation at low loads. It only uses Japanese capacitors, which tend to last much longer than Chinese and Taiwanese ones, and a ball-bearing fan for increased longevity. Since Fractal Design has significant experience in chassis manufacturing, they equipped the R3 1000 W with an extra-long EPS cable, which ensures that there are no compatibility issues with bottom-mounted PSU chassis, especially full-tower ones. On paper, the Newton R3 1000 W looks to have all the qualifications to easily face off against the competition. It only needs to prove itself on the test bench - against our relentless Chroma loaders.

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