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FSP Aurum PT Series 1200 W Review

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We would like to thank FSP for supplying the review sample.

More than two years have passed since our last FSP review, so we were eager to get our hands on the PT-1200FM when they asked us whether we could review their new PSU offering. FSP is one of the largest PSU OEMs today, and they have closely cooperated with such well-established companies as be quiet! and Silverstone. Their retail products portfolio includes six PSU lines, with their AURUM PT line their current flagship series. Up until now, the line only includes a 1.2 kW unit, but FSP will be adding two smaller AURUM PT units soon.

The PT-1200FM we will evaluate today plays ball in the high-end category, where the competition is tough and a buyer's demands are high, which makes sense given the money such users spend on these units. A quick look at this unit's specifications and it does include the most essential features for a PSU of its category, including Platinum efficiency, Japanese caps, and a fully modular cabling design. The PT-1200FM also follows FSP's unique external design, so it is an appealing product. The only feature it is missing is a semi-passive operation, a trend in highly efficient units I can't come to terms with, not over a fan running at constantly low speeds with light loads to abate increased internal temperatures. Even Japanese caps rated at 105°C are affected by constantly high temperatures over the long haul, so why not protect them at light loads where a proper fan profile will mask the PSU's operation just as well.

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