FSP Aurum PT Series 1200 W Review 5

FSP Aurum PT Series 1200 W Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The FSP Aurum PT-1200FM retails for $269.
  • Delivered full power at 48°C
  • Very good ripple suppression
  • Highly efficient
  • High capacity
  • Silent enough operation under normal conditions
  • Fully modular
  • Japanese caps
  • Hydro Dynamic Bearing fan
  • Great number of connectors
  • Quality construction
  • Seven year warranty
  • All peripheral cables are flat and stealth
  • Nice looks
  • Low hold-up time
  • Noticed a sudden high voltage deviation on all rails every time I completely removed the load (which will never happen in a real-life scenario)
  • Load regulation on 3.3V wasn't so tight
  • Some may ask for a semi-passive operation
  • My sample's ATX, PCIe and EPS cables weren't flat or all-black
With this high-end platform, FSP entered the top category where the competition is very tough. This new design is very good, and although it needs some more fine tuning, it has all the essentials to be successful against even the worthy competition thriving in this price range. The Aurum PT-1200FM's strongest feature is its high efficiency under all conditions. It is currently the most efficient 1.2 kW unit I have ever tested, and the quietest. This means FSP has hit the jack-pot in two areas many consider crucial to users. Load regulation at +12V was also tight and all rails feature good ripple suppression. My main concern, however, is the low hold-up time since FSP chose to use two small bulk caps to achieve the highest possible efficiency while also decreasing production cost, given bulk caps caps are expensive. I also found the combination of plain and flat and all-black cables strange. I don't know whether the company will use these cables in their final retail units, but strongly advice against doing so since such a combination would also be a let down to most users. I left the price for last - it is on par with the competition. Given the high quality components used, FSP couldn't have done much to provide the unit another strong advantage. Only the Hydro-Bearing fan is a significant expenditure, but it will last forever and runs quietly compared to a ball-bearing fan.

This new Aurum product sets new standards for FSP as they have now left their budget-oriented designs behind to offer something cutting-edge. Analog-based, the platform isn't umber-modern, while some other vendors have for quite some time now worked with digital circuits. That said, this is still a very good platform since it offers high performance at a reasonable price. You will have to pay much more for digital control, and such circuits add some extra complexity which many will avoid in favor of analog circuits until proven reliable. If your system needs a high capacity Platinum unit, FSP now has an alternative with many great features and a highly desired silent operation in the Aurum PT-1200FM.
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