G.Skill F2-4200PHU2-1GBNT Review 0

G.Skill F2-4200PHU2-1GBNT Review

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From the Manufacturer G.SKILL:
  • Package : 1024MB kit (2x512MB) 2048MB(2X1024MB) dual channel pack
  • CAS Latency : 4-4-4-12 (PC4200)
  • Test Voltage : 1.8~2.0V(low voltage)
  • PCB Board : 6 Layers PCB
  • Speed : DDR II 533 MHz (PC4200)
  • Type : 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM
  • Error Checking : Non-ECC
  • Registered/Unbuffered : Unbuffered
  • Quality Control : Comprehensive rigorously tested in pair at dual channel environment
  • Warranty : Lifetime


This is the memory package from G.SKILL. It can be opened without a knife and unlike many other packages it will not be destroyed by opening it. A change over previous versions is that it seems that the plastic does not feel so soft anymore.

The memory comes without heatspreaders but there is absolutely no reason you would need a heatspreader with this memory. Even during our overclocking tests at 2.1V the memory got barely warm.
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Jun 29th, 2022 09:18 EDT change timezone

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