G.SKILL Ripjaws MX780 Review 3

G.SKILL Ripjaws MX780 Review

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G.SKILL has been around for nearly 30 years in the hardware market, and they surely weren't just sitting idle all that time. Most people know this company because of their high-end RAM products, but they did experiment with peripherals as well. The G.SKILL Ripjaws MX780 is by no means a brand-new mouse since it was released in 2015. There are very few mice out there that offer physical customizability of this amount, and when it comes with this many features, it definitely has the potential to be interesting.


G.SKILL Ripjaws MX780
Sensor:Avago ADNS-A9800
MCU/Processor:NXP LPC11U34F (32-bit ARM Cortex-M0)
Main switches:Omron D2FC-F-7N(20M)
Wheel Encoder:Alps
Size:130 mm x 70 mm x 38 mm
Number of Buttons:8
Weight:111 g
Polling Rate:125 - 1000 Hz
Cable Length:1.8 m braided
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