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Gamesense Meta Review

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Packaging, Weight, Cable, and Feet


As it isn't sold in retail stores, Gamesense has been able to realize rather unusual artwork on the box of the Meta. Inside, one finds the mouse, a small card with instructions, and a set of replacement mouse feet.


My scale shows around 64 g (+/- 1 g), which is slightly less than the weight cited by Gamesense. This weight is achieved entirely without external holes. For comparison, the also hole-free Zowie S2 weighed in at 85 g, and the Sharkoon Light² 180 weighs 66 g with some and 68 g without any visible holes. Accordingly, the Meta easily wins this competition.


The Meta features a paracord-like, braided cable. Though not on the level of the Endgame Gear XM1r or HyperX Pulsefire Haste cables, it is easily among the more flexible ones, and ranks slightly higher than the Xtrfy MZ1 cable, for instance. Its measured length is 1.80 m. The cable has a ferrite bead attached, which reduces signal noise, and a gold-plated USB connector.


The feet on the Meta are white-dyed pure PTFE (Teflon) feet. Glide is excellent. They are 0.8 mm thick, which is above average. Make sure to remove the hardly visible protection film before use. The ring around the sensor ensures CPI stays consistent upon applying vertical pressure. Small indentations next to the feet make them easier to remove. A set of replacement mouse feet is included in the box.
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